When you think about the content you want to put in front of your patients, the community or even other providers, think of marketing as a conversation. If you could talk to that person face-to-face about things of mutual importance, what would you cover and how?

Assess all of the touch points you have between you think about how you can leverage them to further your relationship. This often means considering many online tools like your website, social media sites, email newsletters, the online profiles that represent you or your practice on third party review sites and referral networks, as well as offline opportunities like direct mail, text programs, in-office displays, and customer service policies and procedures.

And please don’t just stop at the things that you should be thinking about for new patients. Think about your current patients, your referral partners, anyone with whom you can enhance your engagement. Conversations often evolve over time as you build rapport and trust and the way you connect should too.