Healthcare consumerism. We’ve been talking about it for years now. And it was supercharged by the pandemic. But guess what, it’s here to stay.

What can we learn from changes in consumer behaviors that have healthcare consumers exhibiting shopping behaviors more in line with how they access other services? Today’s retail health care models are continuing to grow and expand as a result of these changes. So those of us in practice need to be thinking about three key takeaways and how they can impact our operations.

Number one, patients want access options from service locations to operating hours to services like medications filled on site.

Number two, patients want to be able to schedule appointments or just walk in.

Number three patients like transparency, mostly in price and in process.

Doing things the way we’ve always done them just isn’t cutting it anymore. You don’t need to upend your entire operations and change everything, but it is time to consider how you can make meaningful tweaks to better align with new and changing consumer needs.